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I’m a science geek. I feel about science the way other people feel about music, art, or sports — a deep emotional connection. I think in science.

I love learning about how the world works. And I love to share what I’ve learned with others.

Let’s go exploring!

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  • Black-headed Grosbeak

    We got over an inch of rain yesterday! We normally get about 16″ in the whole year, so that’s a lotta water comin’ down. We are expected to get at least that much again today, with some parts of the eastern plains getting more than 2″! That works out to 1/8-1/5 of our total water… Read more

  • Why Me?

    Why Me?

    This section blurs the lines from magical realism of the last section, when Malik invites Zara into his world, and Nate, who just walks in the door. I wanted it to be an amusing way to get Nate into Malik’s world, but is it clear what is going on? Read more

  • Surprises at Main Reservoir

    Earlier this week, I went on a walk around Main Reservoir with my friend Monika from Tails Around the Ranch. We had a fabulous time, looking at the birds and talking about dogs. As we walked, we saw some lovely white flowers on the side of the trail. I went back yesterday to get some… Read more


“These are gorgeous photos, Amy. Thank you for sharing them AND the story behind each. A lovely post.”

– Tracy Abell.

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