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I’m a science geek. I feel about science the way other people feel about music, art, or sports — a deep emotional connection. I think in science.

I love learning about how the world works. And I love to share what I’ve learned with others.

Let’s go exploring!

Latest Posts

  • What Dyslexia Looks Like

    What Dyslexia Looks Like

    According to WordPress, my dyslexia blog posts are going out to all my followers. For that, I apologize. If they don’t interest you, please just ignore them. In the meantime, I will try to figure out how to just send them to folks who want to see them. Dyslexia doesn’t affect people the way we… Read more

  • New Friend

    For the last several years, I have been hearing a new bird call, a kind of “TEerup” call, (It’s always so hard to put a bird call into language, isn’t it?) but I could never figure out what was making it. Enter Cornell University’s Merlin bird identification app. This spring, when I heard the call,… Read more

  • New and Improved Website

    New and Improved Website

    Welcome to my new and improved website! My old one was beginning to look like one of those old farmhouses that just having rooms tacked on, so I decided to update the whole thing. A big shout-out to Jessica of Sutol Designs who set up the new site and made it all work! For those… Read more


“These are gorgeous photos, Amy. Thank you for sharing them AND the story behind each. A lovely post.”

– Tracy Abell.

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