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I’m a science geek. I feel about science the way other people feel about music, art, or sports — a deep emotional connection. I think in science.

I love learning about how the world works. And I love to share what I’ve learned with others.

Let’s go exploring!

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  • Cedar Waxwings

    Cedar Waxwings

    The Front Range of Colorado has been enjoying an invasion of Waxwings. There are two types of Waxwing in North America — Cedar and Bohemian — and both have been spotted in large numbers throughout the Denver area this winter. I subscribe to several bird-watch lists, and I read with a little frustration about all… Read more

  • Coopers or Sharp-shinned? You be the judge…

    Coopers or Sharp-shinned? You be the judge…

    After my missed photographs several weeks ago, I have been carrying my camera with me when we go out for walks. Today, my efforts were rewarded. Just a block away from our earlier sighting, my husband spotted this Cooper’s/Sharp-shinned hawk coming in to land as we approached the tree. This neighborhood has had a pair of… Read more

  • Coopers Hawks are back in town

    Coopers Hawks are back in town

    We took the dogs on our normal walk today, and we saw this … If I had brought my camera along, as I had been recently, I could have gotten a shot of a second, smaller Coopers in the tree above. Moral of the story? Never leave home without a telephoto lens in springtime. Read more


“These are gorgeous photos, Amy. Thank you for sharing them AND the story behind each. A lovely post.”

– Tracy Abell.

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