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I’m a science geek. I feel about science the way other people feel about music, art, or sports — a deep emotional connection. I think in science.

I love learning about how the world works. And I love to share what I’ve learned with others.

Let’s go exploring!

Latest Posts

  • More Than a Corgi Deep …

    We got a foot of snow last night — not Buffalo-deep, but more than the 3-4 inches we were expecting. Certainly more than Zoe the Corgi was expecting. Her little legs barely touched bottom, and there were times when she was dog-paddling. But she made it back to dry land, safe and sound. Read more

  • Bitter Cold Brings Birds To the Feeder

    Welcome to the Second Day of Winter! Well, actually, this was written on the second day of winter, but it didn’t get posted properly, and so it is now old news. But still interesting? You decide … We hit -15 this morning, prompting the dogs to call off their morning walk by the time they… Read more

  • Female Cassin’s Finch Brought a Friend

    A female Cassin’s finch showed up at our feeder a couple of weeks ago. (New Bird at The Feeder) Evidently, she liked our offerings so much, she brought a friend back. The bird on the left is obviously a male Cassin’s finch — red head feathers raised in a little crest, eye streak of white, and… Read more


“These are gorgeous photos, Amy. Thank you for sharing them AND the story behind each. A lovely post.”

– Tracy Abell.

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