BioBlitz 2012 — Climate Change in the Soil

Over the weekend, my son and I went to BioBlitz in Rocky Mountain National Park – twenty-four hours of counting plant, animal, insect, fungal, and bacterial species in the Park. As a bonus, we met hundreds of scientists passionate about species diversity. It was awesome. BioBlitz is the brain-child of legendary evolutionary biologist, E.O. Wilson,Continue reading “BioBlitz 2012 — Climate Change in the Soil”

American White Pelicans Thrive in Colorado

My son had his Eagle Project last weekend at Bear Creek Lake Park east of Morrison, creating a wetland to filter runoff from a new subdivision before it hits the flood-control reservoir.  Everything went wonderfully, and the wetland looks like it will work perfectly. While we were there, we were treated to the sight ofContinue reading “American White Pelicans Thrive in Colorado”

Hummers Are Back

Hummingbirds are back!   I was alerted to a hummer at our feeder by a distinctive ringing zip overhead.  All hummers make a buzzing or humming sound that gives the birds their name, but only one hummer makes that metallic zip sound:  A male broad-tailed hummingbird. A male broad-tailed hummingbird has an iridescent green back andContinue reading “Hummers Are Back”

Bald Eagles Over Littleton, Colorado

My daughter and I were at the Littleton REI on South Wadsworth this spring, when she looked up and pointed.  “An eagle!”  In Littleton?  Disbelieving, I looked and squinted at the bird.  It was big, and dark.  It held it’s wings flat. And then it banked and the sun flashed off it’s head and tail. Continue reading “Bald Eagles Over Littleton, Colorado”

How to Shoot Your Dog…With a Camera

It is that time of year again.  Lyn is looking for photos of your dog for the Pet Therapy Calendar.  Having had less than total success with professional photographers lately, many of you are considering taking the pictures yourselves. And yet, you hesitate. How can you take a shot that will make it to theContinue reading “How to Shoot Your Dog…With a Camera”

Coopers Hawk Misses Dinner

It was an cold and wet weekend.  Pouring rain alternated with a light drizzle, and the temperature hovered in the mid-fifties.  Perfect weather to suck the warmth right out of your bones.You could tell the little brown birds – sparrows, finches, goldfinches and a few chickadees – were feeling the weather.  Probably twenty little birdsContinue reading “Coopers Hawk Misses Dinner”