How to Shoot Your Dog…With a Camera

It is that time of year again.  Lyn is looking for photos of your dog for the Pet Therapy Calendar.  Having had less than total success with professional photographers lately, many of you are considering taking the pictures yourselves. And yet, you hesitate. How can you take a shot that will make it to theContinue reading “How to Shoot Your Dog…With a Camera”

Coopers Hawk Misses Dinner

It was an cold and wet weekend.  Pouring rain alternated with a light drizzle, and the temperature hovered in the mid-fifties.  Perfect weather to suck the warmth right out of your bones.You could tell the little brown birds – sparrows, finches, goldfinches and a few chickadees – were feeling the weather.  Probably twenty little birdsContinue reading “Coopers Hawk Misses Dinner”