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I’m a science geek. I feel about science the way other people feel about music, art, or sports — a deep emotional connection. I think in science.

I love learning about how the world works. And I love to share what I’ve learned with others.

Let’s go exploring!

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  • Bunch of unusual birds this morning

    Last night, another thunderstorm came through and brought our total precipitation amount to an even 6″ for May — fully one third of what we can expect to receive in an entire year! It’s been a wet month after a cold, wet winter. And evidently, these conditions are good for a several birds we don’t… Read more

  • Dyslexia Runs in Families

    Dyslexia Runs in Families

    There is an asterisk on Page 67 that suggests that you flip to the end of the book for more information. I don’t have the book finished, so I’ll provide you with the information here: The many genes needed for a complicated trait like reading or dyslexia are spread across several chromosomes, not all on… Read more

  • What It Takes To Read Fluently, Part II

    What It Takes To Read Fluently, Part II

    I actually like this section pretty well. It is clear, doesn’t have too many words, and has several human elements in among the information. What do you think? Read more


“These are gorgeous photos, Amy. Thank you for sharing them AND the story behind each. A lovely post.”

– Tracy Abell.

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