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Bunch of unusual birds this morning

Last night, another thunderstorm came through and brought our total precipitation amount to an even 6″ for May — fully one third of what we can expect to receive in an entire year! It’s been a wet month after a cold, wet winter. And evidently, these conditions are good for a several birds we don’t…

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Black-headed Grosbeak

We got over an inch of rain yesterday! We normally get about 16″ in the whole year, so that’s a lotta water comin’ down. We are expected to get at least that much again today, with some parts of the eastern plains getting more than 2″! That works out to 1/8-1/5 of our total water…

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Surprises at Main Reservoir

Earlier this week, I went on a walk around Main Reservoir with my friend Monika from Tails Around the Ranch. We had a fabulous time, looking at the birds and talking about dogs. As we walked, we saw some lovely white flowers on the side of the trail. I went back yesterday to get some…

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New Friend

For the last several years, I have been hearing a new bird call, a kind of “TEerup” call, (It’s always so hard to put a bird call into language, isn’t it?) but I could never figure out what was making it. Enter Cornell University’s Merlin bird identification app. This spring, when I heard the call,…

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New and Improved Website

Welcome to my new and improved website! My old one was beginning to look like one of those old farmhouses that just having rooms tacked on, so I decided to update the whole thing. A big shout-out to Jessica of Sutol Designs who set up the new site and made it all work! For those…

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Cedar Waxwings

The Front Range of Colorado has been enjoying an invasion of Waxwings. There are two types of Waxwing in North America — Cedar and Bohemian — and both have been spotted in large numbers throughout the Denver area this winter. I subscribe to several bird-watch lists, and I read with a little frustration about all…

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Coopers or Sharp-shinned? You be the judge…

After my missed photographs several weeks ago, I have been carrying my camera with me when we go out for walks. Today, my efforts were rewarded. Just a block away from our earlier sighting, my husband spotted this Cooper’s/Sharp-shinned hawk coming in to land as we approached the tree. This neighborhood has had a pair of…

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Coopers Hawks are back in town

We took the dogs on our normal walk today, and we saw this … If I had brought my camera along, as I had been recently, I could have gotten a shot of a second, smaller Coopers in the tree above. Moral of the story? Never leave home without a telephoto lens in springtime.

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Blue Herons Fishing

I went for a walk with my best friend over the weekend. We chose to go around a local reservoir. Being mid spring, the powers that be have drained the reservoir before it refills with snow melt from the mountains, so the levels are very low. Less water but the same number of fish means…

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Doin’ the Wicka Dance

I haven’t posted very many photos of Northern Flickers because, mostly, I think they are boring (except when they are being chased). Big, beautiful, but not much going on in their woodpecker brains. But late last month, my husband called me to the window overlooking our multiple bird feeding stations. Outside were two male flickers dancing around each…

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Another Storm

Welcome to another storm. The thermometer reads 9o as the snow falls. Again. I have lost count of how many fronts we’ve had pass through, dropping temperatures into the single digits and dumping a bunch of snow. I won’t turn down the moisture, but it is getting a little bit tedious to be hovering just above…

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