More Snow a Good Thing

Snow storm collided with dust storm over AZ & NM
Red dust in last week’s snow. The snow storm collided with dust storm over Arizona & New Mexico. The result was snow with a lot of heat-absorbing dust in it.

I know that we’re all tired of snow this spring. But believe it or not, we need one more storm to drop a couple of inches in the high country.
Why do we need more snow? Last week’s storm brought 6-16″ of snow — and red dust from a dust storm in Arizona and New Mexico. The dust will absorb the sun’s rays faster, making the snow melt faster. That sounds great on the plains, but the snow in the high country needs to melt as slowly as possible. Otherwise, it melts and runs off too quickly, causing flooding now and no runoff later in the spring and early summer.
So take a deep breath, and hope for significant snow, one more time.

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