At the PLA Conference

I was lucky enough to work the Women Writing the West booth at the Public Librarians Association (PLA) Conference in Denver last week.

Amy Law and Doris Baker_edited-1
Amy Law and Doris Baker setting up the Women Writing the West Booth at the PLA Conference.

We had a whole lot of fun, first setting the booth up, and then sharing Women Writing the West with librarians from across the country. We were able to share dozens of fascinating books with thousands of wonderful people.

Published by Amy Law

Amy Law is a science geek. She feels about science the way some people feel about music, or art, or sports – a total and complete emotional connection. She thinks in science. For Amy, there’s nothing better than helping people see the beauty of science as she does. She loves to untangle a complicated subject into its parts, explaining it so that anybody can understand what’s happening. Let her show you her world...

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