Go Vote!

In 2012, for the last presidential elections, 56.5% of eligible voters cast a ballot (All Races). That means about every other citizen in the United States voted. Half threw their votes away. They decided not to participate.

On Tuesday, we will decide what direction we want our country to go.

You have a chance to be part of the democratic process. Every vote counts. Be sure to vote by Tuesday.


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3 responses to “Go Vote!”

  1. Fingers crossed there is a very high turnout, Amy! 🇺🇸


    1. Thanks, Monika!
      I got the idea from you, and other bloggers. It is a disgrace how few people vote.
      Fingers are indeed crossed that there is a very high turnout.

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      1. Indeed it is. In our democracy, it’s downright shameful. There are people all over the world dying for the right to vote and we squander it. *sigh*


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