Zoe the Corgi Snores

Zoe the Corgi Snores

Zoe is a small dog — I think she is the smallest dog we’ve ever had — just about 20 pounds. She is small enough to pass under Tegan, who is not a tall dog.

Teg and Dar-2
Tegan and Darwin, each 35-40 pounds.


Tegan and Zoe, who weighs 21 pounds.


Zoe pointy nose
Zoe has a pointy snout.

For a corgi, Zoe has a pointy little fox nose. When she sleeps, she likes to tuck her nose under something — a pillow, or a blanket, or your sleeve. It’s as though she’s worried that she’ll suddenly start to float off if she isn’t moored by her snout.

Zoe keeping her nose warm under Tegan.jpg
Zoe is held in position by her nose under Tegan’s leg.

She likes to sleep on our bed, and she has taught Tegan to do so as well. Tegan stays at the foot of the bed, but Zoe rambles around and over everybody else. The obvious answer is to keep putting her back down at the bottom of the bed, but that requires waking up multiple times through the night to re-position her, so it happens only rarely.

Zoe often snores. For such a petite dog, she snores surprisingly loudly.

All of these factors came together last night when she stuck her little nose IN my ear, right up in the ear canal. And began to snore.

7 responses to “Zoe the Corgi Snores”

  1. Laurie Trainer Avatar
    Laurie Trainer



  2. Oh. my. But I’ll bet it was adorable. Hopefully you have a large enough accommodating bed. If it’s any consolation, Elsa snores like a fireplace bellows. 😍


    1. It was adorable. Annoying at 2:00 am, but adorable.

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  3. Haha, loved it! Zoe sounds adorable


    1. She’s a sweetie, alright.

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