Spring Knocking at the Door

They may be having bomb cyclones in the East.winter storm riley. They may be getting feet of snow in the West. Winter Storm Quinn Pounding the West But in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, for better or for worse, Spring is knocking at the door.

How do I know that Spring is on it’s way? As I walked the dogs this morning, the air smelled, well, spring-y — wet and peaty.

The birds are beginning to sing. I heard the “wicka wicka wicka” of northern flickers.

northern flicker-1_edited-1.JPG

And the “chi chi chi chaaa” of spotted sided towhees.Spotted towhee in Gambel oak-07_edited-1.jpg

Not to seem ungrateful, but we could use a little helping of the storms to either side of us.

5 responses to “Spring Knocking at the Door”

  1. Yesterdays gale force winds uncovered leaves from the blue grape hyacinths are blooming. I keep praying we get some spring snow storms otherwise summer will be very unpleasant. Your bird photos are spectacular!


  2. So glad to discover your blog. The Flicker shot is especially wonderful!


    1. And I’m so glad you like the Flicker shot. I really enjoy taking photos of the birds, and I love to share them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A great treat for your readers!


  3. […] we walked, we heard the “eh-eh-eh-eh-eh” call of a male Northern Flicker trying out his mating […]


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