Pet Therapy at Fall Festival

Lutheran Medical Center held its first ever Fall Festival on Saturday. It was a ton of fun, as different groups from the hospital dressed for Halloween while holding a health fair. They asked Pet Therapy to lead the way with a Pet Therapy Parade. If it means they get to greet people, the dogs are always happy to oblige!

Zoe in her tutu and hat
Zoe is ready to show off her costume. She picked it out herself!
Zoe greets a fan.
Pet Therapy dogs come in all sizes.


This greyhound has been in the Pet Therapy program for 8 years.
It was another intense day of greeting her new friends. Zoe is tired, but content.

Published by Amy Law

Amy Law is a science geek. She feels about science the way some people feel about music, or art, or sports – a total and complete emotional connection. She thinks in science. For Amy, there’s nothing better than helping people see the beauty of science as she does. She loves to untangle a complicated subject into its parts, explaining it so that anybody can understand what’s happening. Let her show you her world...

3 thoughts on “Pet Therapy at Fall Festival

  1. Little Zoe (sorry I misspelled her name on my post) is way too adorably cute. I didn’t see Roxann and Little One, only Betty’s greyhound. I think I was overstimulated, much like Sam. A fun event for everyone…whether they had 2 or 4 paws.


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