Monarch on Milkweed

Monarch butterflies are beginning visit our milkweed plants, which always makes us happy.

Monarch butterfly on Milkweed

Although milkweeds can be a trap for honeybees (, they are required for Monarchs to feed and lay their eggs. Monarchs are in steep decline due to habitat loss and herbicide use, so we try to help them out when we can, by growing milkweeds in the odd corners of our yard.

5 responses to “Monarch on Milkweed”

  1. Hooray for mildweeds and monarchs! And Amy for providing the habitat!


    1. While I wrote my blog, I thought of your blog of from June when you saw the milkweed. Here’s wishing Monarchs to you!

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      1. Thank you, Amy! Wishing you a wonderful weekend…


  2. There’s a big batch of milkweed near my house but I have yet to see a Monarch on it. Lots of other butterflies, but no Monarchs. #keepingmyfingerscrossed


  3. Oh! It’ll happen! As you say, keep your fingers crossed! 🙂


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