I Voted!

I voted yesterday.

It was safe, easy, secure. And oh so important to our democracy.

I voted yesterday. If you haven’t yet, you should vote today.

Published by Amy Law

Amy Law is a science geek. She feels about science the way some people feel about music, or art, or sports – a total and complete emotional connection. She thinks in science. For Amy, there’s nothing better than helping people see the beauty of science as she does. She loves to untangle a complicated subject into its parts, explaining it so that anybody can understand what’s happening. Let her show you her world...

7 thoughts on “I Voted!

  1. Gold star for you, Amy! 🌟 I dropped my ballot off last week. What’s especially great about voting early is the political calls diminish dramatically. Thank heavens. There’s enough noise going on as it is. 😉


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