A Few Critters in Yuma, AZ

My husband and I took a quick trip to Yuma, Arizona last week. We left in a spring snowstorm that dropped three inches of wet snow on the Front Range area. We arrived in Yuma to 90 degree days.

Amy in front of a saguarro cactus in Phoenix. Notice my pasty winter skin.
Ocotilla in bloom.

We were lucky to go down in the spring, when the ocotilla were in bloom.

We only had a little time for getting out into a wetlands. But while we were there we got to see a few critters.

Snowy egret — big white wading bird with black legs and yellow feet.

This snowy egret was wading in a much diminished Colorado River just below the famous Yuma Territorial Prison Museum.

Desert spiny lizard, I think

To say that “this is a lizard I saw in Yuma, Arizona” doesn’t actually seem to narrow things down any. I haven’t studied lizards much, but a little research suggests that this is a desert spiny lizard. I think. Regardless she wasn’t very worried about us.

Roadrunner dashing away from us.

The lizard may well have been worried about this roadrunner, which we saw just a few moments later. I am particularly proud of this shot, in spite of a little blurriness, because I don’t actually remember going through the thoughts “There is a bird. It’s a roadrunner. I want to take a picture of it.” Instead, my reaction was all instinct — the shutter was clicking before I was conscious of bringing the camera up. That kind of instinct doesn’t kick in for me very often, but here, it resulted in a decent picture.

Next time, we’ll have to go down when we can spend more time in the wildlands. But for now, it was a good trip.

4 responses to “A Few Critters in Yuma, AZ”

  1. Thank you for sharing your trip, Amy. That roadrunner shot is a beauty! Good reflexes!


  2. Impressive images, Amy. What polar opposites, weather wise. Looks like you saw lots of scenery and a few cool critters too.


  3. The roadrunner was certainly living up to its name! Good shot!
    How fun to see the flora and fauna of a wildly different landscape. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Love that little roadrunner!


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