Baby Bunny Gets Nailed

Yesterday evening, I heard a hawk screaming in our front yard. When I went out to see what was going on, I saw it “mantling” over something it had caught.

You can see the fur of the bunny beneath the hawk’s sharp shins.

When I looked closer, I realized it was a baby cottontail rabbit. We have been overrun by cottontails this year. I’ve heard that it is because the most common predator to keep them in check, coyotes, have been hit hard with canine mange.

On the other hand, an early fall cold snap in New Mexico last year decimated the migrating songbird population there and in surrounding states.( We’ve had far fewer songbirds around this summer as a result.

The combination of fewer songbirds and more cottontails probably prompted this sharpie to try its hand — er — talon — at a baby bunny.

Notice that the bunny fur is almost the same size as the hawk. Remember that birds are very light for their size.

But this baby cottontail rabbit was only a little smaller than the hawk. When a family came walking down the sidewalk, they startled the hawk off its “kill”. To everyone’s astonishment, the baby bunny bounced up and scampered back under our blue spruce tree, although it did have a nasty gash on the side of its head.

The only one disappointed was the hawk.

3 responses to “Baby Bunny Gets Nailed”

  1. Good news for the bunny. Do you think the smoke is affecting the number of songbirds in the area? I know it’s getting to me and just wondered if it affects them as well. Hope you have a good weekend that’s a tad cooler than it has been. I keep repeating 61 days.


  2. A lot of folks assumed the smoke played a roll in the die-off, but according to the Smithsonian article, they didn’t find smoke in the birds’ lungs, so officially, no.
    It looks like we will continue to be cooler and less smokey than the rest of the country. I just wish the drought on the West Coast would ease up a bit. That would help a lot of problems.


  3. […] from the previous night. In the past 7-10 years, our cottontail rabbit population has exploded. (Baby Bunny Gets Nailed) The coyotes that normally keep them in check don’t seem to be doing their job, possibly […]


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