Latest First Snow On Record

We got our first snow last night. It wasn’t much — exactly an inch as measured on our porch railing. But we were all celebrating. Why?

Our last snow was 218 days ago, our fifth longest snow-less stretch. Last night’s snow also marks a new record of latest first snow on record. As somebody I met on a sunny Monday morning said “These are not the sorts of records you want to be part of.”

It can keep snowing for the next month, and I don’t think many people would mind. Because if we don’t get it, we are heading back into a drought.

3 responses to “Latest First Snow On Record”

  1. Wasn’t that the very best sight? I wept tears of gratitude as I sent pleas for more coming soon.


    1. Oh, yeah.
      But who would have thought we’d go almost 2/3 of the year without snow?

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      1. It’s been horrifying to contemplate and I hope hope hope there’s a shift.


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