Pollinator Week — Butterflies

It’s Pollinator Week! Pollinators are animals that pollinate plants. As my friend TZ at Notes in Nature (https://notes-in-nature.org/2022/06/20/pollinators/) explains, the group includes bats, birds, and bugs of all sort. This includes butterflies.

Butterflies are incredible pollinators, visiting flowers of every type, in all sorts of environments.

Western Swallowtail on a musk thistle.

Western Swallowtails are some of the most common butterfly we notice along the Front Range of Colorado — they’re big, they’re flashy, and they aren’t afraid of people. Here, it’s getting nectar from a favorite plant of many pollinators — a musk thistle.

Painted Lady on Oregano

I took this photo several years ago of a Painted Lady butterfly on migration. https://amylawscigeek.com/2017/10/06/painted-ladies-part-two/ Here she is getting a minute amount of nectar from oregano flowers in our yard.

Silvery Blue at 12,000 feet.

We found this silvery blue butterfly on a sunflower at 12,000 feet, as we were counting pikas. https://amylawscigeek.com/2019/09/12/pika-patrol-2019-edition/ It astonishes me how something so fragile can survive in such a hostile place. But at least for the summer, they do!

3 responses to “Pollinator Week — Butterflies”

  1. Thank you for this, Amy! Beautiful images. When running on the trail the other day, I saw that exact same image of a swallowtail on the bull thistle. It made me happy then and your photo made me smile again.


    1. Thank you for your very kind comments. It’s a good day anytime I make somebody smile.

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