More Than a Corgi Deep …

We got a foot of snow last night — not Buffalo-deep, but more than the 3-4 inches we were expecting.

Certainly more than Zoe the Corgi was expecting.

Her little legs barely touched bottom, and there were times when she was dog-paddling. But she made it back to dry land, safe and sound.

7 responses to “More Than a Corgi Deep …”

    1. She was! Just dog paddling around until she hit something solid.


  1. Aww, poor Zoey. For some reason I haven’t been notices of your latest publications. Thanks for leaving a comment this morning so I could see what you’re up to. I see WP is misbehaving. Again. Sigh.


    1. Don’t feel sorry for Zoe. She just paddled around until she hit bottom and was able to wade out and go begging for treats.

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  2. She’s so gosh darn sweet! Sending a digital treat for her. 🦴


  3. Good job, Zoe. Years ago, my cat headed out for his morning stroll and quickly realized in order for his paw to touch ground he’d be up to snow as tall as he was. Turned around and went back inside. No stroll that day. Great photo of Zoe!


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