Blue Herons Fishing

I went for a walk with my best friend over the weekend. We chose to go around a local reservoir.

Being mid spring, the powers that be have drained the reservoir before it refills with snow melt from the mountains, so the levels are very low. Less water but the same number of fish means that the Great Blue Herons have easy pickins.

As we went around the reservoir, we found this GBH wading in the shallows close enough to shore for me to get some good shots.

He stabbed the water a couple of times, but came up empty. I put my camera down and returned to talking to my friend.

Moments before this shot was taken, he shot his bill into the water, pulled out a fish and swallowed it, all before I could get my camera back up.

He then moseyed his way back along the shore, and soon disappeared behind some trees.

One response to “Blue Herons Fishing”

  1. Must be one of those shy eaters. 😉 Lovely images, Amy. Glad you were able to get together with a friend in the midst of beautiful Mother Nature.


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