BioBlitz 2012 — Mountain Pine Beetles

For the afternoon session of Rocky Mountain National Park BioBlitz 2012, my son and I learned about mountain pine beetles from Dave Leatherman, retired Colorado State Forest Service entomologist. We met in an old ponderosa savanna near the Lawn Lake Alluvial Fan. Mountain pine beetles have been in the news for the past few yearsContinue reading “BioBlitz 2012 — Mountain Pine Beetles”

BioBlitz 2012 — Climate Change in the Soil

Over the weekend, my son and I went to BioBlitz in Rocky Mountain National Park – twenty-four hours of counting plant, animal, insect, fungal, and bacterial species in the Park. As a bonus, we met hundreds of scientists passionate about species diversity. It was awesome. BioBlitz is the brain-child of legendary evolutionary biologist, E.O. Wilson,Continue reading “BioBlitz 2012 — Climate Change in the Soil”