Tegan, the Aspiring Therapy Dog

This is Tegan. (https://amylaw.blog/2017/01/29/puppy-play/ , https://amylaw.blog/2017/02/19/what-went-into-this-mutt/) She loves to go up and say hello to people. Her life-long goal is to be a Pet Therapy dog, but like so many dreams, it’s been put on hold by the coronavirus. Still, she wants people to be happy, and she knows how hard that is right now.Continue reading “Tegan, the Aspiring Therapy Dog”

When I could not go to nature, nature kindly came to me.

My life has been busy, hectic and stressful for the last few months. One of my problems has been that I haven’t had time to go find interesting things in nature to share. But a wonderful thing about nature is that if you are patient, and observant, sometimes it comes to you. The dogs wereContinue reading “When I could not go to nature, nature kindly came to me.”

Zoe the Corgi’s First Day of Pet Therapy

Zoe turned two yesterday, and so we were able to visit the hospital as a pet therapy team for the first time today. I’m often asked what it takes for a dog to be a pet therapy dog. Requirements vary from program to program, but here’s the minimum for the pet therapy program at LutheranContinue reading “Zoe the Corgi’s First Day of Pet Therapy”