Night Visitors

We had visitors in the night. The dogs woke me up and made me let them out to find the intruders.We’ve had a lot of raccoon lately, including one epic dog-raccoon fight last summer. Dogs and Raccoons Battle to 1-1 Draw

Raccoons in planter 1
Baby and momma raccoon in a 24 x 8 inch herb planter– not very big. The planter sits on the railing to our back porch. The herbs are the only thing up there.

I have no idea what they were doing up there — when I checked for damage this morning, my basil was squashed to the side, but nothing seems to have been eaten, or dug up.

Raccoons in planter 3
I took this photo from about three feet away. To get it, I had to open the back door so that the flash wouldn’t bounce off the glass and ruin the shot.

I was a little nervous when I took this shot, because the door was open and they were only an arm’s length away. Cute as they look, raccoons can be nasty fighters when threatened. But neither of us did anything stupid, and so I got a good photo, and the ‘coons got …whatever it was they keep coming back for.

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