Outside the Box: The Dyslexia Graphic Novel – Introduction

Outside the Box: The Dyslexia Graphic Novel – Introduction

About the same time I finished writing the previous posts, I realized that I had a problem — I was asking people who have trouble reading to read.

I really want to get this information out to people who have dyslexia, so I decided to turn what I had written into a graphic novel, with the intention of eventually publishing it. All of the information I’ve posted previously in this blog will be presented again in graphic novel format as I finish my rough drawings.

A graphic novel brings up it’s own problems, first among them, I am not an artist. I don’t pretend to be an artist. I don’t yet have an artist. So as you read through these pages, be aware that these are still drafts.

Given my artistic limitations, I sometimes can’t draw what I want shown in a panel. When that happens, I’ll leave an art note for the artist (and you).

But being drafts means that they are not finalized. In fact, I would appreciate any comments you have about the rough images, story or information I am presenting. Does the information make sense? Is the panel too crowded? Is what the character feels or does realistic? Is a scene too emotionally hard to read because it is too close to real life? Please leave in polite critiques in the comments section.

For the record, this is an info-fic (informational fiction) graphic novel for middle grade reluctant readers/dyslexics. The size of the pages and font I am using is what most non-fiction print graphic novels use. If you have trouble reading the text, press control + to enlarge the page. Control – will shrink it again.

Thanks ahead of time for your help. Together, we’ll get this done!


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    1. Have to give all the credit to Jess at Sutol Designs. She’s the one who figured it out.

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      1. She did a great job!


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