Surprises at Main Reservoir

Earlier this week, I went on a walk around Main Reservoir with my friend Monika from Tails Around the Ranch. We had a fabulous time, looking at the birds and talking about dogs.

As we walked, we saw some lovely white flowers on the side of the trail. I went back yesterday to get some shots of them.

They were sand lilies, charming early spring flowers.

One of the biggest challenges of photographing sand lilies is that they are so blindingly, unrelentingly white that there isn’t much contrast for your eye to snag on.

As the name implies, these little gems grow in sandy soil. The rocky ridge holding the reservoir is one of the only bits of sandstone in town, but it was enough to give these guys a home.

I walked back to my car, well satisfied with the photos I got, when I heard a scattering of high pitched calls. Thinking that they were the contact calls of Tufted Titmice, I went looking.

Nope. A flock of about ten cedar waxwings were in the trees surrounding the reservoir! I thought all these guys had headed up into the mountains months ago, shortly after my first sighting. I felt incredibly lucky to see them again.

I tried to get a shot of their sides, where the red beads of keratin that give them their name form a line mid wing. But I wasn’t that lucky.

Still, I’m not complaining. In fact, those kinds of surprises are what I love about getting out and about in wilder places.

6 responses to “Surprises at Main Reservoir”

  1. Wow, Amy…what terrific photos! My sorry attempt to capture the sand lilies were absolutely pitifully out of focus. That or I smeared the lens when I took my phone out of my pocket. You’re are fabulous as are those pics of the waxwings. Well done. Have a great weekend!


    1. As I said when the entire flower is white on white, there is nothing to focus *on*.
      The waxwings were very fun. I have really enjoyed seeing them.

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      1. It makes a difference when you don’t smear hand cream on the lens too. LOL


  2. Amazing! Those bright white sand lilies make me think of some thing we have here in the swamps and marshes of Florida called Swamp Lillies. I guess lilies find ways to adapt everywhere.


  3. What wonderful surprises! I saw my first sand lilies while running on the trails last week and they brought smiles as I chugged along. And hooray for the waxwings sighting!


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