What Dyslexia Looks Like

What Dyslexia Looks Like

According to WordPress, my dyslexia blog posts are going out to all my followers. For that, I apologize. If they don’t interest you, please just ignore them. In the meantime, I will try to figure out how to just send them to folks who want to see them.

Dyslexia doesn’t affect people the way we think it should. Are my examples of how dyslexia shows itself clear? Does it affect you in other ways? How?

3 responses to “What Dyslexia Looks Like”

  1. Got it! Thanks; I’m forwarding this post to my granddaughter who has struggled for years with dyslexia. She’s so smart from a scientific/math perspective but reading is her Achilles heel. Thanks for posting about this.


    1. Fabulous, Monika! I hope that she is able to use it to understand how dyslexia works, in all it’s pluses and minuses.

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      1. Thank you, Amy. She’s been really struggling in her first year of high school and I hope this resonates with her. She’s so smart but her school and its teachers have not been much help with this condition. 🤞🏼


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