Prepping for Take-off

The day after I last posted, I noticed new behaviors with the Bald Eagle chicks — they began stretching and flapping their wings… …and they began feeding themselves — just a little at first, but it’s a milestone. As with all new skills, wing-flapping takes a lot of practice, and the willingness to fail. TheyContinue reading “Prepping for Take-off”

Ten days of growth…

Mama eagle shades the chicks. At this point, they are 9 days old. Up until this day, I hadn’t seen them out of the central depression, where the failed egg remains. But once they started exploring, they rambled all over. I’m a little annoyed, because Mama eagle is in the way of a nice shotContinue reading “Ten days of growth…”

First Bald Eagle Chick at Fort St. Vrain Nest!

The first bald eagle chick at the Fort St. Vrain nest has just hatched! In the first screen shots I took this morning, the eagles hadn’t even moved the egg shell out from under the adult! According to the Excel website, the chick made it’s way into the world about 10:00 last night. Father cleaningContinue reading “First Bald Eagle Chick at Fort St. Vrain Nest!”