Cedar Waxwings

The Front Range of Colorado has been enjoying an invasion of Waxwings. There are two types of Waxwing in North America — Cedar and Bohemian — and both have been spotted in large numbers throughout the Denver area this winter. I subscribe to several bird-watch lists, and I read with a little frustration about allContinue reading “Cedar Waxwings”

Chinooks blow

The Front Range of Colorado is under a high wind warning today — we’re having a Chinook! I’ve talked about chinook winds before at https://amylaw.blog/2014/02/15/snow-eaters-melt-the-snow/ But in the intervening six years, I’ve learned a bit more about them, as well as upgrading my graphics and getting some better photos of what I’m talking about. ChinookContinue reading “Chinooks blow”

Turkey vultures have returned to Front Range

Some people watch for the first robin of spring. In Capistrano, they look for the return of the swallows. I know it’s spring when the turkey vultures return to the Front Range of Colorado. (https://amylaw.blog/2013/04/08/it-must-be-spring/) Turkey vultures are big birds — the biggest you are likely to see, with the exception of an eagle orContinue reading “Turkey vultures have returned to Front Range”

Spring storm brings cold, wet; hummers come to feeder

As a violent spring storm crosses the country, the temperatures along the Front Range of Colorado are hovering in the low 40 degree range, and may dip below freezing tonight, and the drizzle we’ve had all day may turn to snow. Yet hummingbirds have been in the area for a month. These little guys haveContinue reading “Spring storm brings cold, wet; hummers come to feeder”

Life in the mountain shrub community

Another hike, a bunch more fun photos. One of the big reasons I like walking is because I go slow enough to see interesting things. If I’d know blotchiness on the side of the lizard would be diagnostic, I would have tried to get a shot. The slit on the lizard’s head is not aContinue reading “Life in the mountain shrub community”

Sharp-shinned hawk misses flicker for lunch

The gregarious band of little bushtits took off in a burst of feathers and cheeping alarm calls. I looked up just in time to see a Northern flicker shoot out of the top of a tree, with a sharp-shinned hawk in hot pursuit. Luckily for the flicker, the hawk had made its move too soon,Continue reading “Sharp-shinned hawk misses flicker for lunch”

Air Inversion Traps Cold Air, Pollution

Normally on Green Mountain you get a wonderful view of Denver.  Often the air is so clear that we can see the terminals of DIA across the Platte valley.   Not yesterday. Yesterday, we saw a thick grey smudge across the skyline – pollution held in place by an air inversion.  We all know whatContinue reading “Air Inversion Traps Cold Air, Pollution”