110 Mile-per-hour Winds Drive Fire

Updated 12/31/2021 9:56 Winds as high as 110 miles per hour pushed a grass fire far faster than a car can drive, jumping the length of a football field in seconds yesterday in the Front Range towns of Superior and Louisville. Up to 600 homes have been destroyed, but as of this writing, no fatalitiesContinue reading “110 Mile-per-hour Winds Drive Fire”

Chinooks blow

The Front Range of Colorado is under a high wind warning today — we’re having a Chinook! I’ve talked about chinook winds before at https://amylaw.blog/2014/02/15/snow-eaters-melt-the-snow/ But in the intervening six years, I’ve learned a bit more about them, as well as upgrading my graphics and getting some better photos of what I’m talking about. ChinookContinue reading “Chinooks blow”

Snow-eaters melt the snow

Where did all the snow go? Last week at this time, the Front Range was entirely blanketed in several inches of the white stuff. Today, it’s almost gone. Where did it go? The Answer: Chinooks. Chinooks are warm dry winds. They get their name from a Pacific Northwest Indian word for “snow eater,” because whenContinue reading “Snow-eaters melt the snow”

Beautiful, mesmerizing, educational.

My mom sent me this website a couple of weeks ago. http://hint.fm/wind/index.html  It shows the direction and speed of surface winds for the entire country. This screen shot doesn’t do it justice, because on the webpage, the wind lines flow. Beautiful. In addition to being mesmerizing and beautiful, the map is very educational. When you lookContinue reading “Beautiful, mesmerizing, educational.”