Maui Part One: Humpback Whales

My husband and I just got back from the fabled island of Maui, Hawai’i. We went to see humpback whales, sort of a continuation of our whale-watching trip to Alaska 18 months ago.Alaskan whales But we ended up enjoying much, much more. The humpback whales in Hawai’i come from feeding grounds in colder waters, likeContinue reading “Maui Part One: Humpback Whales”

Alaska Sea Kayak Whale Watching

My husband and I had always wanted to go whale watching by kayak. But something always got in the way — kids, work, other catastrophes. This year, though, we were able to make it happen. We chose Spirit Walker Expeditions out of Gustavus, Alaska, near Juneau, for our big adventure. We arrived in Gustavus onContinue reading “Alaska Sea Kayak Whale Watching”