Hadrian’s Wall Day 4: Gilsland to Brampton

Our last day on the Wall. We started in some serious rain, the first that had fallen on us on the walk. But with only 9 miles to go this day, we enjoyed the slower pace. The most excitement we had during the day came when we ran across a couple walking with their dog.Continue reading “Hadrian’s Wall Day 4: Gilsland to Brampton”

Hadrian’s Wall Day 3: Once Brewed to Gilsland

After giving it our all yesterday, my husband and I decided that we could hike the Wall, or we could see some of the sites along the Wall. Given the time we had, we couldn’t do both. Sore and tired as we were, we decided to take a day to see Vindolanda and Housesteads forts,Continue reading “Hadrian’s Wall Day 3: Once Brewed to Gilsland”

Hadrian’s Wall Day 2: Chollerford to Once Brewed

This was the longest segment of our Wall Walk — 12 miles. And it had more ups and downs. The good news was that because the landscape is more rugged, fewer stones were taken for other building projects, and the wall is in better shape. The bad news was that because this section also heldContinue reading “Hadrian’s Wall Day 2: Chollerford to Once Brewed”

Hadrian’s Wall Day 1: Corbridge to Chollerford

The first day was supposed to be reasonably easy, from Corbridge to Chollerford. Corbridge started as a Roman town that predates the Wall. At first, the Romans figured they’d steamroll over the local population of Britain just as they had pretty much everywhere else up to that point. And they did a fairly good jobContinue reading “Hadrian’s Wall Day 1: Corbridge to Chollerford”

Hadrian’s Wall: Getting There

I’ve always wanted to walk Hadrian’s Wall, on the border between England and Scotland. The idea of hiking along a 2000-year-old artifact for miles on end, and finishing the day at a pub just really appeals to me. The Wall cut all the way across northern England. It still does, in fact, although in theContinue reading “Hadrian’s Wall: Getting There”

Hadrian’s Wall: A Little History

I have always wanted to hike Hadrian’s Wall — no idea why. This summer, I finally badgered my husband into going. I figured if we didn’t do it soon, our legs wouldn’t handle it. A Little Background The Romans toyed with the idea of invading the island of Britain for a long time. Julius CaesarContinue reading “Hadrian’s Wall: A Little History”